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Annual report on competition policy
Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs

 AGAINST (+) EU competition policy has now been in place for over 60 years. The EU needs a strong and effective EU competition policy as a cornerstone of the European project. I fully support a sound competition policy, but I could not vote in favour of this report as it focused unfairly on tax matters that fall under the subsidiarity principle.
 FOR (+) The strong enforcement of competition rules to guarantee fairness and equality of opportunities, shared prosperity and a thriving and diverse private sector which delivers on innovation, diversity and inclusion is needed. This report highlights the challenges of the current EU legislation on competition that it why I voted in favour of this annual report.
 FOR (+) I voted in favour of the Annual Competition Report in view of the inclusion of various amendments dedicated to the need of a special treatment when it comes to state aid control for the provision of services of general economic interest in isolated, remote or peripheral regions.
This comes with an important added reference to Article 174 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.
Further, the Report stresses the importance of protecting those in weak consumer positions when applying EU competition law. In this context, the insertion of the amendment asking for special attention to small farmers is very crucial, especially when designating aid to Maltese farming. Nonetheless, one cannot condone non-factual references on taxation. On the same line, one cannot support Parliament’s requests that are non-Treaty based, and that too often go against the interests of small jurisdictions at Europe’s periphery.
Small states in the EU need to have the flexibility to provide non-discriminatory tax incentives and thus be in a position to attract investment in their territory. An EU-level tax system would act against such interest. Consequently, calls for a CCCTB, also present in this Report, must be resisted at all levels.
 AGAINST (+) I voted in favour of the Annual Report on Competition Policy 2017, which welcomes the efforts and activities to ensure the effective application of competition rules in the Union, which will benefit all EU citizens, consumers and companies alike. Moreover, I believe that competition policy remains the cornerstone of the European project, which should be promoted through ensuring a level playing field in all sectors and guaranteeing the proper functioning of the internal market.