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Amendments to Parliament`s Rules of Procedure
Committee on Constitutional Affairs

 FOR (+) I voted in favour of the amendments to Parliament’s Rules of Procedure because it proposes a streamlining of certain rules on minor and major interpellations introduced in the last reform; rewording provisions on prohibition of offensive language; incorporating the new Code of appropriate behaviour of MEPs into the Rules of Procedures; clarifying transparency provisions regarding unofficial groupings, and adjustment to the revised regulation on European Political Parties and Foundations.
 FOR (+) This report amends and strengthens the internal rules of procedures the European Parliament, particularly on the conduct of MEPs, financial transparency, questions for a written answer and the introduction of a procedure to deal with citizens’ complaints; that is why I voted in favour of this report.
 FOR (+) Increasing transparency of the EU Institutions will strengthen their accountability, will make European citizens more committed to them, and help to close the gap that exists with our constituents.
Since I joined the Parliament, I included this requirement in the organisation of my daily activities and requested my staff to implement what today has become a rule for everyone.
The new rules will provide more transparency when it comes to finding out which lobbyists MEPs are in touch with and encourage them to publish online all scheduled meetings with special interest representatives as defined by the transparency register.
The EPP was not united on the new transparency provisions. They requested to hold a secret ballot to hide those members who voted against such rules. Happily, their tactics failed and those who were for more transparency won.
The new rules also require the adoption of a gender action plan aimed at incorporating a gender perspective in all Parliament’s activities, at all levels and stages. Amazingly, the EPP Maltese Members voted against this provision, following a divided EPP Group. I supported this provision because transparency enhances equality, and the European Parliament should lead on gender balance.
Therefore, I voted in favour of the Resolution.
 FOR (+) I voted in favour of the report because it is essential to guarantee the proper conduct of Members in respect with the Parliament’s dignity and reputation.