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(none) (+) I supported the figures on the budget, that pushed for the highest ever EU budget, adding up to 3 billion euros more to the initial draft budget proposed by the Commission. This increase is crucial in order to support priorities such as the fight against climate change, Erasmus+, migration, or the youth employment initiative.
(none) (+) I voted in favour of the report on the draft general budget since it includes relevant measures for workers, SMEs, digitalisation, artificial intelligence, and cancer research.
I also welcome the recognition of the crucial role the Connecting Europe Facility will play in helping address the transition towards a climate-neutral society and the completion of all the aspects of the Energy Union, including the enhancement of the security of supply.
(none) (+) This draft general EU budget for 2020 gives a clear indication on the priority of the European Parliament. I voted in favour of it, as our Group managed to secure the highest EP position on an annual budget ever, with an additional 3 billion for Youth and Climate, to make clear to Member States their responsibility in coping with those emergencies.
The resolution expresses with words the compromise on figures adopted in the context of the BUDG Committee vote, having a specific focus on the remaining efforts ahead of the EU to cope with the climate change efforts, in addition to traditional S&D priorities such as Youth (Youth Employment initiative) or Migration and Development, among others.
(none) (+) I voted in favour of the budget for 2020. This budget will ensure that the priorities expressed by our citizens at the polls in May 2019 in various areas ranging from combatting climate change, to education, to technological advances, are adequately supported by a realistic budget for the European Union.